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Just Dropping By

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Before we moved to Chicago we had a bunch of local friends and family and while there were a bunch of expected visits there was also the occasional drop in.  People would call, give maybe a 10 minute lead time and Erron and I would frantically get the worst of our mess tidied up.  I’d say we are cleaner and messier at the same time now.  We can’t let things go all to hell because of the kids, but the kids do sure make a clean house messy in a flash.


This morning while Erron and Elijah were in town I happened to be upstairs putting Micah down and my phone rang.  It took me about 15 seconds to realize I was talking to Kelly M’s mom.  We had seen them at Kelly’s daughter’s birthday a month ago and said if you’re ever driving by give us a call and stop by.  Turns out they were driving by, and got my number just in time to call about stopping by.  They had just passed our turn off the highway so were about 15 minutes away.  Sure!  Come on by!  (Oh crap…  I’ve got to get some stuff done…)


To be honest, when I go to a house I do give it a once over to see if it is clean or tidy or whatever, but usually that doesn’t really matter as I am there to visit with the people, not the house.  I know this is probably the same for other people, but still there is that feeling that people will be judging you and you want to make that impression just a little better if you can.  So I quickly got the dishes off the counter and gathered up the randomly strewn bits of kids clothes that happen to get shed during the day like a cat losing fur on a summer day.  I ordered the shoes and swept the front room, I made sure the girls had pants and the table was cleared.  It was a bit fun to have our first drop in visitors to the farm.


We had a great visit, they stayed about 6 hours and their granddaughters and our kids had a great time while we visited.  It is always fun to show off the house as we feel so lucky to have found a place like this that suits our family so well.


Not a whole lot else to say except, if you’re ever driving by give us a call and I’ll do a 10 minute tidy for you too.

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