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To Be Continued…

September 2, 2010 3 comments

31 posts that were over 150 words each in 31 days.  That was the challenge, and I’ve succeeded.  But this has been about more than just the awesome pointsTM, this year I have managed to make this blog a purposeful place to share my thoughts and stories.  I am completing this challenge with more than just a sigh of relief, I am finishing with a desire that more things would happen that I can blog about in the coming weeks and months.  In a few weeks I can blog about slaughtering and processing our first chickens, and later on, the same for our pigs and the tasty food I plan to make with those chickens and pigs using the smoker I just picked up today at the store.  I may post about how we plan on winterizing for the animals and winterizing the house.  The kids will grow and do cool stuff, or frustrating stuff, and part of this blog will always have those beaming or venting posts.  I’ll take apart broken things and fix them, and I’ll use parts of old junk to fix or build other things.  Who knows, maybe even the renovations to fix the bathroom from the fire will warrant a post if the insurance company ever gets them completed (it’s only been 7 months since it happened…)


Thanks for reading, I look forward to having you back again soon.



PS: I think I get extra awesome pointsTM for currently having the top Google search result for soylent delorean.  Just think of all the extra traffic those 2 everyday words will bring to my blog!