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Sloppy Seconds

August 19, 2010 2 comments

I realized the other day that a farm is more like an ecosystem than city life.  Having farm animals has some give and take, you give food and you get food and this is something that becomes more efficient than grocery store shopping.  Something I am loving is the amount of garbage we make is less and the amount of food we toss into the trash has pretty much reduced to nothing.

Kids waste a lot of food, from the bits that get put onto their plate that they mess with and you’d rather not keep to the stuff they just won’t eat like bread crusts from their sandwiches or apple peels.  Depending on who you get your stats from a typical family of 4 wastes something between $500 and $1500 worth of food every year.  From the stuff I’ve talked about, to leftovers that get a little suspicious, or fruits and vegetables that get a little squishy or fuzzy, food waste comes from lots of places.  When we first got the chickens I was thrilled that Natalia’s bread crusts would now be made into eggs.  I told Erron it was like being Jesus, but instead of water to wine it was crusts to eggs.  She wasn’t quite amused.  Some of our food waste we just didn’t feel was “chicken food”, but now with the pigs there is almost nothing I won’t toss into their bucket.  Chicken bones, banana peels, egg shells, apple cores, plate scrapings from the kids, that bit of milk and mushy cereal at the bottom of their bowl from breakfast, it all goes into the slop bucket for the pigs.  The pigs think it’s great, they eat it all up and push each other around trying to get the best bits.  If turning crusts to eggs was like being Jesus then I am sure that turning apple cores into bacon makes me The Beatles.

Them's Good Eatin'