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Pigeon vs Terrier

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

imagePigeons.  They eat garbage and crap on things, people call them flying rats.  In the country they don’t eat garbage, they eat their natural diet of grains, but they still crap on everything.  We have a family of pigeons living in the quonset and a family of pigeons living in the garage.  I don’t really care too much about the garage ones as they nest in the rafters and their crap doesn’t land on anything that I can see.  In the quonset they are a bit of a menace.  They crap on a little plastic picnic table and a patio chair, they crap on a desk that I had used to hold a few bags of chicken feed and they appear to have ripped one bag open, eaten some of the feed and then make crap-feed cement on top of the desk.  Lovely…

So the other night while putting the animals to bed I am trying to get the lights on in the coop and go to inspect the cord as it runs from the quonset.  Dash and I go in, I flip on the one lightbulb to illuminate the basketball court sized area and a couple of the pigeons start to flap around.  They go back and forth from one end to the next and when one tries to perch on the back wall where it is quite dim it fails and flap-falls to the ground.  Dash, somewhat spurred by my dislike of the pigeons, jumps on it and gives it a shake.  A couple shakes later that pigeon is no longer a crap factory, just another piece of garbage for me to clean up.  The next night Dash and I managed to get 2 more, and last night we got (possibly) the last one.  The quonset might now be pigeon free, meaning the crap pile at the entryway may no longer continue to grow, this make me happy.  Last night the pigeon Dash killed was dragged out into the night while I was unloading the car so I didn’t get a chance to dispose of it.  This morning, when I let Dash out/in he came back a bit muddy.  Later, when I made my way out there was the head of the pigeon on the front steps, and later still a rather muddy pigeon body appeared by my car for me to dump in the trash.

I think he is trying to give me a message: Dash really hates pigeons.