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So Tired…

August 19, 2009 3 comments

Friday I picked up the 26 foot rental truck, I can pretty much say that it is and probably always will be the biggest truck I’ve ever driven. Apparently they don’t rent wheelers from this company so I had to run out to Canadian Tire to get one and I’ll make this other bold statement BEST 50 BUCKS I EVER SPENT.

Not only was it half price, but it has big wheels that can go up or down stairs and it can carry 1,000 pounds.  Loading the first 6,000 or 7,000 pounds went pretty quick since it was all in the garage and boxed up.  It was raining the whole weekend which sucked as the aluminum ramp would get slick, but I managed by putting an entryway rug on the ramp.  After the garage was pretty much done I had to move stuff out of house proper which really slowed things down.  The realtor dropped the keys off on Friday evening even though we couldn’t go in until Saturday so we packed up and slept the fitful sleep of Christmas Eve, just waiting for the goodies of the next day.  Saturday we drove out on a horrible mud-road, I guess the gravel doesn’t do so well after 2 inches of rain, but we made it going about 30km/h instead of the posted 60 km/h limit.  Unloading went pretty good, mud got tracked in and I mostly just stacked boxes in the living room and dining room while taking a few things to the correct rooms if they were well labelled and I felt energetic.  We drove home Saturday night because we still had our beds at the rental house and other assorted boxes.  Sunday was hard, the 60 pounds boxes that weren’t too bad on Friday were getting quite heavy by Sunday.  It took until about 5PM to load the truck (mostly unstacked compared to triple stacked boxes the first day) and it was tempting to call it a night but since I was supposed to drop the truck off 7 hours earlier I wanted to at least get it back before they opened on Monday.  Unloading actually went faster than loading, I dumped a bunch of stuff into the garage that was yard stuff and a couple things we wouldn’t fit in the house and then drove the truck up to the house to get the final bits unloaded.  I finally got done by 9:30 and had the truck back a mere 12 hours late (thankfully they aren’t open on Sunday so they don’t know it was late).  In some ways I am impressed that I managed to get it all done in time, we paid $9000 to move our stuff from Chicago to Saskatoon with them packing up all 11,000 pounds of our stuff and 3 guys taking a day to get it all loaded.  I managed to move it all myself (Erron helped with maybe 2 or 3 longer pieces of furniture) and oddly enough my muscles are quite tired, but not sore and my back isn’t either, guess it does a body good to focus on proper lifting.

So here we are, maybe half unpacked (Erron has been the driving force behind getting things set up) and the house is great…  except for the explosion…  When we got here Sunday we turned the boiler on because it was cold and apparently the “spark gun” failed to ignite the gas.  The first time I was on the 2nd floor, Erron was on the 1st and we both heard the bang, I figured she knocked a box over and she thought I fell through the ceiling or something.  After I called down Erron went to look into the basement (which has a window) and saw a HUGE fireball which went along with another HUGE boom.  I went downstairs to make sure the basement didn’t catch fire and I noticed the chimney caps had blown out.  I figured it was a pressure buildup due to a blocked chimney but the next day the old owners came by and we looked at it and noticed the top of the boiler was bowed up and insulation had blown out of it.  So a boiler guy came over and said it was the ignitor, which should be replaced, but the boiler was probably fine.  The old owners (who are an amazingly generous couple) are offering to pay for the repair or give us the money for the repair to replace the thing, we’re still waiting for the boiler guy to let us know what it’ll cost.

So, awesome house, might need a new boiler, almost unpacked, plenty of space.

Here’s the video tour I shot on Saturday for any non-facebook non-twitterers.

Tour Video

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