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The Sound Of One Car Dying

August 13, 2010 3 comments

We live 7 km down a gravel road and then maybe 25 km to Saskatoon.  The highway is usually quite clear, even on snowy days as it is the main thoroughfare in the province, the road connecting Saskatoon and Regina.  330ish days  a year the gravel road is in good shape, they grade it regularly as it is used to haul gravel from a pit beside the lake, and because of this the road is also double the width of some minor gravel roads.  But, on das when we have had a decent amount of rain for 2 or more days the road becomes saturated and the slick, muddy mess becomes something of an adventure to drive on.  This is the way it was the weekend we moved in, and this is how the road was today.  I was heading home, doing a somewhat cautious 30-40 km/h (on really bad days I’ve slowed to 10-15) and going in and out of puddles, the road is rough, but not too bad.  I’m just getting in sight of home when I feel the car start to slow down, a bit confused I step harder on the gas and… nothing?  I look at the tachometer and sure enough it is flat at 0, the car has stalled.  I coast over to the side of the road and figure, whatever, it will be an easy restart.  I put it into park, turn the key and get greeted with a chunka chunka chunka chunka – nothing.  For some reason it won’t start, maybe I splashed water in somewhere it shouldn’t be?  I pop the hood and open up the air filter, looks dry, even though I am now getting poured on.  I close the hood, give it a few minutes and try again.  Still nothing…  time to call Erron.  I give her a call and tell her I am really close, could she come get me?  While she gets the kids in their boots and coats and strapped in I give it a few more tries but it is really doing nothing at all.  Erron shows up and I tell her we should tow the car home since I don’t want someone to slip in the mud and slam into the car.  We head home and pick up a couple tie-straps (maybe not rated for a car pull, but we’ll be going very slow).  We come back and I hook up the car to the van.  Erron drives while I coast the car in neutral back home.  The drive went slow but well and we drop the car in front of the garage.  After supper, while putting Micah to sleep I look up the likely candidate of a hydrolocked car and get this sickly feeling that my car has essentially “dry drowned” I don’t quite give up and decide to go outside and check it out again.  While trying to start the car I notice that while it is trying to turn over, it sounds like there is no ignition at all, also, I listen very carefully while I put the key in and notice that there is no sound of the fuel getting pressurised.  These together have me pull out the manual to figure out which fuse is the fuel injector and I track it down in the engine compartment.   I pull the fuse and sure enough, it is burnt out, nicely there is a spare held in the same bank and I put it in, get in the car and she starts with no troubles.  Red car, you gave me quite a scare.