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Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

August 24, 2010 2 comments

I’ve written about some of our disasters.  We had the bathroom fire, we had the lightning strike, we’ve had our septic pump fail, and the replacement fail too causing sewage backup into the basement (thankfully it is just storage space).  Whenever we go away for more than a day or two I hold my breath on the drive home.  When I am coming home I wait for us to come up over the hill ~2 km away so I can see if the house is still there in the distance.  I worry that it will have caught fire again and that it will be gone as by the time someone called it in it would probably be quite the blaze.  I worry every storm that lightning will hit again and blow all our electronics.  I worry that the city water I hooked up a month ago will spring a leak and flood the basement.  Yesterday was the first cool day we’ve had in months and I had to check and double check that the boiler was working properly.  For a few minutes I even thought the pump had died as the pipes were warm but the water wasn’t circulating (turns out the house and thermostat were matched so the boiler heated but didn’t circulate).

Why can’t I just let it drop?

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