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You get points for trying.

August 21, 2010 2 comments

Today was a less than stellar day.  I find that I get into the habit of yelling at the kids to get them to adjust their behavior, and today thankfully Erron called me on it.  It just slides a little more and more each day until yes, I probably tell the kids to get out or be quiet or stop whining or get down or a hundred other things that aren’t very positive at all and not nearly enough positive reinforcement for all the good things they are doing the rest of the time.  It gets worse when I am trying to get something done, like today when I was trying to get a crib set up in our room for Micah so that when he naps he won’t fall out of bed (any more).  Poor guy, he’s just trying to learn to crawl and we put him up on a high bed to nap, at least tomorrow he’ll have a nice cozy place to doze during the day.  So yeah, instead of spending time with the kids I just tried to keep them busy while I could get that done instead of being a good, positive force of parenthood.


Tomorrow will be a better day, I will make it a better day.

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